Tonight we did our first silk class.

I will be honest...I was nervous. Here is how we got to that point:

Susie Mayou, manager of the Laurens Golf and Country Club stopped by the store and asked if we would be interested in doing a silk arrangement class. I don’t think...

This has been on my buck list of things to do at the store for years. But I always knew when it was just “me” that I simply didn’t have the resources to accomplish it.

That changed this year. With encouragement of the tribe at Heart ‘n Home...we did it! I created a we...

Madi and her mom had the bridal consultation quite a long time before the wedding. But Madi is a studious girl with goals. Which almost meant to achieve her goals she was going to have to leave our area for a while. The wonderful thing about Madi is that she made her...


2/3 cup oleo                                1/4 cup crunch peanut butter

1 cup brown sugar                     1 tsp vanilla...

I have a story to tell - one that I would have never believed.

A year ago an RV ran into the side of Heart 'n Home's building and the Dallenbach building.  Like...slammed into it!  It was at 6:20 pm on a Thursday night.  My best friend had just stopped by for a visit as...

I wanted to share these pictures with you - even though this happened a long time ago (is five years a long time ago?).

I was asked by Iowa House of Representative, Tom Shaw, to create an ornament for the Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad.  This would have been for the Chri...

Autumn is full of change...change of colors, of temperatures, even changing of emotions.  

Autumn often makes me reflective - and I am often ready for change.  This year I brought out my fall decor at home with a more thoughtful eye.  Did I still like it?  Did it m...

The past few weeks (honestly, months) have been crazy and we often find ourselves asking...”what is coming next?”.

Last week the phone rang, Jerilynn answered, and I’m not sure if she handed me the phone

 or what...but after we hung up we looked at ourselves in disbelief...

In an Iowa farm garden...two hearts joined together.  Cassidy & Andrew have been dating since high school (maybe longer). When Andrew joined the service - it didn't stop these two. Cassidy is pursuing her dream of being a nurse while cheering on Andrew.  Their story is...

I wanted to share with you a few more pictures of Memorial Decoration. There are many, many we didn’t get a chance to take photos of (pick-up in store, etc)...but here are a few more of our favorites: 

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