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We want to make the most out of your consultation.  To make a consultation please feel free to call the store at 712.841.2546, text us at 515.599.1274  or email us at julie@heartnhomeonline.com   We are currently not doing in-person consultations.  We are offering unlimited Zoom consultations...the nice thing about this is we can do it easily in the evening.  Let us know when you have your consultation form filled out and texted pictures of your dress.



Fill out the WEDDING FLOWER FORM (it is a worksheet via google documents for us - but we appreciate knowing the numbers of the wedding party) and  email it back to julie@heartnhomeonline.com .  This form helps us to prepare for your consultation so we can make your day as unique and as special as you want it to be.  We would also appreciate being able to see your pinterest page (even if it is secret) - send us permission by looking up heartnhome on pinterest.  We will ask for your email address when you reach out to us about doing wedding flowers so we can send you the google document.

As soon as you have your wedding dress - please text us a picture of you in it. It helps if the picture is facing directly towards you with the entire dress in the picture.  I then can take pictures of our bouquets (or bouquets you have on Pinterest) and edit it so you can virtually see what the bouquet will look like in front with you and your dress.  Plus we can play with size during our Zoom consultation.  The texting only service number we use is 515.599.1274



Feel free to invite to the Zoom consultation as many people as you wish.  But remember – that it is your opinion that I am after…your vision.  Sometimes by having to many other voices in the room your vision can get a little cloudy.  Please let me know the emails of  the people you would like to include so I can send them invites.



A consultation does NOT mean that you are obligated to use us for your wedding.  Above everything – you need to feel wonderful about who you are trusting to do your flowers.  That your vision is shared and understood.  We will email you a wedding bid with a breakdown of the cost for each bouquet, boutonnière, corsage…everything.  We will hold the date for 10 days after emailing it. We are trying to limit to two weddings a month so we can dedicate more time to each bride.  If we have not heard from you within those ten days - we will assume you went a different direction.  No hard feelings.



We can work within many different budgets.  After receiving your bid – we can certainly see where to cut costs.  Perhaps it needs to be more filler flower or a less expensive flower. Maybe cutting the number of corsages.  We can work together to make sure it is still a beautiful wedding without the budget being hurt.


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