Finding Peace Within the Flowers

So many things have happened at Heart 'n Home...or at least they are beginning to happen. Have you ever had a moment when you feel like the universe is lining up and you are on the brink of pure happiness....that all your dreams and hopes might actually be happening? I kind of feel like that. Sure...there are always those other things in your life that can bring you down. They can really weigh you down...but it balances with the other side of hope.

I have had so many dreams and plans for Heart 'n Home. Sadly, I always have felt like I can't do it or never have enough time. Until now. I am proud to announce that we have some part-time team members at Heart 'n Home. Our organizer and go-to gal is Kennedy. Kennedy is amazing at tracking inventory, checking quality, pricing and all of that stuff. She is also excelling at taking pictures for the website!

Next up is Mary. Mary saved my sanity on Valentine's Day by stepping up and answering the phone, taking orders and handling more than I am probably even aware of. She will be helping out with phones, computer and events. She is our public relations queen!

Then we have Jerilynn. Jerilynn comes with a lot of experience with floral design...and general design for home and creative. I am so excited to have her contribute her many talents! It will also be comforting knowing she is there to help create some of the floral designs I want to tackle (especially with weddings!).

So what does this mean for me? I can find peace within the flowers. I can do what I truly love doing. Plus all the things I have wanted Heart 'n Home to offer and do...might actually happen with a little more free time and help from these amazing ladies.

I have described to all three that Heart 'n Home is like a toddler. I may be the main care taker...but it requires all sorts of love and input from others to make it grow and survive. I hope you enjoy the journey we are about to should be incredible!

Heartfelt Blessings,


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