Macey & Will

Macy and Will August 31, 2019 I met Macy long before she became a Heart ‘n Home bride.  Macy worked for a company right outside of Laurens and she would start stopping in after work.  There is just something about her spirit and soul that I connected with. We could visit forever.  I learned she grew up on a farm, worked two jobs at the time, loved her family, really loved her grandma, liked farmhouse style and had a pension for changes and challenges.  I mean….seriously a go-getter. I kept thinking of trying to set her up with a guy I know…but she kept putting me off.  Then soon she began to mention”Will”.  It took me a while to realize that Will was getting to be more than just a random guy she was talking about.  Her eyes would sparkle when talking about him.  Her voice got higher and she talked so fast and excited.  I knew my ideas of my match-making attempts weren’t going to work. One day I got a call from Macy asking if I was going to be at the store for a little bit…her voice was really high - I wondered what was going on.  She walks in the door with the biggest smile - and right behind her was the famous Will with a smile almost as big as Macy’s grin.  That was what was up….I finally got to meet Will.  I kept teasing her that he had to meet my approval.  I immediately understood what Macy saw in him.  He is authentic, kind, loves his family and it was obvious to he was head-over-heels in love with her. However, that wasn’t all that these two were up to.  Macy suddenly flashed her left hand with a sparkly diamond.  Ta-dah….it was wedding time! They knew that having family and friends around them as they said their vows was the most important factor.  Add in low-key and true to both their farming backgrounds made The Grainery near Cherokee Iowa a fabulous choice for their wedding and reception venue.  There is house on the grounds for rent that has something like eight beds in it plus pull out bed/couches.  It is on multiple levels so the bride and groom can get ready yet not see each other. As the Heart ‘n Home team drove up in multiple vans to the venue, the downpour of rain simply broke my heart.  Not today…not for an outside wedding that had been planned, sketched and figured out for months.  The rain never let up.  Jerlynn and I set up the arch with fresh flowers in the rain when we found out the couple wanted to do it there…even in the rain.  Seriously…all they wanted to be was married to each other. We concentrated on the inside of the grainery/barn to decorate.  I put together a “plan b” location and decorated it with extra flowers I brought along (typically there is some breakage when doing a wedding so we need to be prepared).  It was where we decorated for the cutting of the wedding cake.  Speaking of wedding cake - they really weren’t fans of cakes.  So I brought along a vanilla Pepperidge Farm cake, scraped off the confetti, and decorated it.  It went on top of a galvanized clock stand that she had bought a while ago at Heart ‘n Home.  They were going to put batteries in it…but I suggested not doing that.  Instead put the clock at the time of the wedding.  That way years from now when they look at their wedding pictures they can remember what time they got married. Macy and Will chose colors of evergreen and orange.  Macy understood that using other pops of color that compliments their colors ands feel of their event helps bring texture and depth into the bouquets.  She wanted a loose Bohemian style bouquet.  Touches of blue thistle accented the bouquets along with the boutonnières. We brought those into the reception.  We used a collection of items Macy and Will had such as galvanized pieces, doilies, candlesticks and more plus preserved gypsophilia and other Heart ‘n Home rentals.  The team consisting of Bill,  Jerlynn, Kennedy and myself pulled it all off.  It was a perfect combination. Here is wishing them a lifetime of happiness, smiles, and the pure joy they have between the two of them.  Heart ‘n Home couldn’t be prouder of being part of this wedding. VENDORS Ceremony: The Grainery, Cherokee Iowa Reception: The Grainery, Cherokee Iowa Hair and Makeup: Cuts to Dye For Dress: Allure: Casablanca Dress from Sequins Bridal - Cherokee, IA Bridesmaids Dresses: Allure Dresses from Sequins Bridal - Cherokee, IA Florist, Rentals and Decorating: Heart ‘n Home DJ/Entertainment: Miller Entertainment - Cherokee, IA Videographer: Chase Gronenthal Catering: Catering 2 You Photographer: Payton Stolze Photography ______________
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