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Yes. There is such a thing as wedding insurance. I know...crazy, right? Here is a few reasons why I feel everyone should look into insurance: * If someone in the wedding party is in the military and the wedding could be postponed if they are called to serve. * If you own property or have value/asset. Business owners, farmers, those with 401Ks. * To protect yourself. Here are a few examples that I have witnessed in my over 25 years of being in the wedding industry. * A couple pulled out of the event driveway and got hit by an on-coming car. The couple had not been drinking. The vehicle that got hit? Their insurance went after not only the couple driving - but the people who invited the couple to the wedding (or even an event). If your name is on the invitation (or implied) - you may be held responsible. Talk this over with your household insurance agent. * A bride, with four days until her wedding, had her appendix explode on her. We are talking weeks and weeks in the hospital. So their wedding had to be postponed. Luckily, her wedding flowers were free pass there. But she had to pay for new invitations, the DJ (they did give her a small discount), the photographer (after all...they obligated their day to them and turned down other couples), the caterer, the baker, and on and on. If she would have had insurance...these expenses would/could have been covered. Again, speak to your household insurance agent. ______________________ I am sure that there are many, many more reasons to get insurance. From what I understand, the expense often is much less than the possible loss of assets. Reach out to your insurance agent. Here is what my agent wrote about insurance: Thanks for taking the time to read this. Whether you look into it or not...whether you purchase it or not: at least now you are informed. Cheers, Julie


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