Winter Swag Class

Tonight we did our first silk class.

I will be honest...I was nervous. Here is how we got to that point:

Susie Mayou, manager of the Laurens Golf and Country Club stopped by the store and asked if we would be interested in doing a silk arrangement class. I don’t think I hesitated to say yes (typical me...say yes and figure it out later). After a few texts back and forth with Susie, plus Jerlynn’s and Mary’s inputs...we got it all figured out.

That night I went to bed...picked up our iPad...and started ordering. And boy oh boy...did I order! We decided to do a silk teardrop swag with a bow. Not any bow...but a bow that has different textures and colors.

We picked out a wide variety of ribbon, pucks, and all the supplies and took it out to The Country Club. Mind you...we did’t have a clue of the size of the class.

I think we had 16 people with a great array of talent and visions. Even though they all got to pick out everything that anyone else could have picked...not two swags were alike! It was a blast!


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