You Never Know What Is Next...

The past few weeks (honestly, months) have been crazy and we often find ourselves asking...”what is coming next?”. Last week the phone rang, Jerilynn answered, and I’m not sure if she handed me the phone or what...but after we hung up we looked at ourselves in disbelief. Mrs. South Dakota called to see if we could create silk accents for her costume part of the Mrs. America 2018 pageant.  We said YES!  Then we were curious what we just said yes to. She came in and only had the next day to have it before flying out to Las Vegas for a week of preparations before the pageant (tonight! August 25, 2018) We need to help accent her costume part of the pageant.  She is representing the South Dakota flower,    . She brought in silk flowers she thought would work. What was so wonderful was she gave us freedom to create what was best in our opinion. We figured it needed sparkle for the cameras and lights,  it needed to be strong in mechanics so our pageant debut wouldn’t end in disaster. So tonight I’m watching the pageant and cheering Mrs South Dakota on!  Here is some pictures:


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