Full leaf, mesh pyramid tea bag - One tea bag per packet.


Chai Full Leaf Black Tea:  Chai from India is a spiced tea that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. In this chai, bold black tea meets exotic spices for a traditional India-style chai experience. Aromatic and rich with ginger, cardamon and cloves, this beautifully balanced blend is eqully delightful enjoyed as is or with milk and honey (as it is most commonly prepared).  Steep 4 minutes


Dragon Well Full Leaf Green Tea:  Dragon Well tea was first produced in the Zhejiang Province in Hangzhou, China. This famous, traditional green tea brews up with a yellow liquor. Smooth and well-rounded, with a deep richness, full green tea flavor, a hint of chestnut, and a pleasant, invigorating aroma.  Steep 3 minutes


Jasmine Green Full Leaf Green Tea:  Scenting green tea with jasmine flowers is a centuries old process.  the master blenders have created an enchanting brew, which strikes the perfect balance of jasmine aroma with smooth, Chinese green tea. Sophisticated, delicious and aromatic, with a beautiful taste from start to finish.  Steep 3 minutes


Hot Cinnamon Full Leaf Black Tea: Tea grown at high elevations produces the more tender leaf, which makes for the most flavorful teas. This exquisite blend of the highest quality black tea is infused with the warm, spicy heat of connamon. This brews' golden amber color, robust aroma and bold taste is a combination that will satisfy all your senses. Steep 4 minutes.


Mint Full Leaf Herbal Tea Caffeine Free:  An herb prized for its medicinal benefits and distinctive flavor, peppermint is a naturally occuring hybrid of spearment and watermint. Made with full leaf, top grade peppermint, this blend provides a refreshing, soothing flavor and aroma, with subtle sweetness. Steep 4 minutes.

Gourmet Tea



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