Fall is Here!

Autumn is full of change...change of colors, of temperatures, even changing of emotions.

Autumn often makes me reflective - and I am often ready for change. This year I brought out my fall decor at home with a more thoughtful eye. Did I still like it? Did it mean anything to me? I will admit - I probably gave away half of my autumn decor.

But that is ok. Some of the decor was ten to fifteen years old. I am certainly not the same person that I was that many years ago - and my taste has definitely changed.

Living in a small home has always taught me that before I bring something into the home...usually something had to leave. Well, with half of the decor gone, meant it was time to bring in new!

Perhaps I subconsciously knew I was in the mood for new when I ordered for Heart 'n Home last January (yes...January!). I didn't even know back then that I needed change. So glad I had a lot to select from!

Stop in and check everything out. Bring in photos if you have a problem area.

Here are a few photos from around the store:


Heart  'n Home

140 North 3rd St

Laurens, Iowa 50554


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