Outdoor Evergreen Planter Class

This has been on my buck list of things to do at the store for years. But I always knew when it was just “me” that I simply didn’t have the resources to accomplish it. That changed this year. With encouragement of the tribe at Heart ‘n Home...we did it! I created a webpage under events that listed what to expect and they could register and pay right then. That helped us so much because we could get the pre-order rate that made this class so affordable. We knew we couldn’t have any more than ten people in each class due to the limited workspace. Our first class on Sunday, November 25th was at 1:00 and the second class was at 4:30. Everyone brought in their planters and we gave them the greens. They could add anything to that and they received a discount. Honestly...this went better than I could have imagined. We will definitely be doing this again next year! 


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